As I was reading the book of Nehemiah this morning I was struck with a thought.

What will history record about our reverence and humility towards God?

The churches I have attended in recent years often have hands raised in the air during “worship” and singing. However, we sit comfortably in our seats when the Word of God is read in our assemblies. On rare occasions I have been asked to stand as the Word of God was read. Truthfully, I didn’t feel comfortable. My mind understood the request but there was a war that emerged also. “Why do we have to stand?”

My initial thoughts are I need to be challenged towards contemplating my reverence for God and His Word. We need to be challenged towards contemplating our reverence for God and His Word.

I agree that the relationship God has called us to through His Son is an intimate relationship. I fear that we have became far to comfortable and complacent. Perhaps we have mistakenly confused “casual” with personal.

I would challenge you to contemplate your attitude towards The Word. Is it something you read to “feel good” or is it something that is read to “convict” you? Is the Word of God something that is clarifying who you are in light of who He is?

I think it should hit us equally on all three levels.