2011 is closing and 2012 has by no means snuck up on any of us.

I’m sitting in the living room of the parsonage I live in. I didn’t know I would be here this time last year, don’t know if I’ll still be here next year. That’s just kind of the reality of things.

Looking over 2011 there is only one goal I had that I didn’t meet. I didn’t meet it and I know why I didn’t meet it. I didn’t apply myself to it. In fact, it wasn’t a goal. It was an idea.

I’m beginning to learn the difference. Ideas are those things that you talk about. You only talk about them. You only think about them.

I have heard life coach people say, “A goal isn’t a goal until you write it down.” That’s not entirely true. A goal isn’t a goal until you have fixed your eyes upon it and began pursuing it.

This year I’m going to share two goals with you:

Goal 1: I’m going to read the Bible in chronological order.

How: I have constructed a reading plan with the help of Logos 4. I will read approximately 3 chapters everyday. I’ve appointed the mornings as my reading time.

Goal 2: I’m going to eat healthier.

How: I’m using rule that my friend Dr. Ed shared with me. Things are healthier when they are close to the way God made them. Fresh fruit, coffee, tea, steamed vegetables are all things that I will be consuming more of. Frozen pizzas (a favorite), fried foods, fast foods etc. are going to become LESS frequent in my diet.

This is really weird for me. I’m not a list guy. I’m not even a goal guy. However, I learned something in 2011. If I don’t write down what I want to do, I can’t keep up with how much I want to do. I can’t do what I do well if I don’t plan to get it done. In essence, I’m learning new things about stewardship.