I’m not a complainer, although I am a thinker that tends to become frustrated…lol

Sometimes I wonder if the stuff I’m thinking is the stuff that other people are thinking too. Things like, my thinker knows that complaining about how we “do” church is quite a bit different than “being” church but complaining won’t do much about it. My thinker knows that the way to connect others with God isn’t by only telling them about Him, but leading them to experience and taste Him (Ps 34:8).

I have sensual ideals like viewing worship of God similar to the way I view sex with my wife.

My point is this, I think life robed in Christ is far spicier and more exciting that most people abandon themselves to. Abandonment is scary and I find myself thinking that people wouldn’t want to support some nut that talks about worship and sex having spiritual implications. However, if it were properly communicated…WHO wouldn’t support that IF it is theologically accurate. (and I think it is)

Not only money for ministry but people by the millions seeking a fulfilling, intimate action and time with God that is inexplicable except through experiencing it.

All the while it’s not sexual but rather a view intimacy with God on a spiritual plane that stimulates pleasure and relationship through spiritual endorphins that are beyond the experiential chasing of an emotional high.

That is what I believe that Christianity is. It surpasses our “seeker friendly” methods and smoke machines with Pink Floyd lighting and amazing sound systems. It is relationship better experienced through life in the living rooms and backyards (and even pubs) rather than in a once or twice a week gathering with either high production quality or disparity of some people that are sincerely believing what they know is true but wondering where the power is.