I am a threat to the United States Government. It’s true.

I vote.

I worship my God and exercise my devotion in submission to Him as Lord and Savior.

I gather peaceably with other people of like mind.

I don’t only read the Bible, I am committed to actually putting it into practice and doing what it says.

I own firearms and weapons.

I  write, record and correspond with others who are like minded.

I write, record and correspond with others who are not like minded.

I am a threat to the United States Government because I practice these actions.

The founders of our nation recognized these activities as threatening. They themselves had exercised them amongst one another and witnessed the exercise of these actions that resulted in the founding of a new nation. The exercise of these actions resulted in their claim to independence and they united themselves through these actions.

I am a threat to the United States Government because the founders of the United States Government realized that there was no way to remain free without empowering the people. The founders recognized that government is not beyond corruption, tyranny or misusing its power.

Christian citizens are the most dangerous of all citizens in any nation. Our “christianized politics” are powerless. Our calling as Christian disciples is unstoppable.

It is time for Christian action.

Active prayer.

Active worship.

Active repentance.

Active voices from active lives.

Authentic active faith. (The trust that God is indeed using us for His will as he promised. Don’t confuse this with using God to fulfill our desires. That is not what he promised.)

If we fail to act. If we fail to speak. We have decisively enabled tyranny to follow.

Failing to act is and admission that we have indeed became “Christian Atheists” who claim a form of godliness but deny its power.

The saints devoted to the life of discipleship. Loving those who oppose us. Blessing those who attempt to trample upon us. Going the extra mile with those who impose upon us. Living as citizens of heaven where we have been placed as the body of Christ.

The founding fathers knew that and blessed it, even willed it.

The most dangerous thing to any oppressive controlling government is the active church.