I was reading in Luke 5 this morning. It says He got into one of the boats. I’m not sure that he asked if He could. I don’t think Jesus forces Himself on any of us. However, I do think there are times He just “shows up.” I got to thinking about this.

Have you ever invited someone to church and they didn’t come? I think all of us have had that awkward moment when we muster the courage to look at our friend and say, “Why don’t you come to church with me on Sunday?” There are the times when we receive the affirmative yes.

But what about those people that show up that we don’t invite?

Every church has experienced that “one” person that shows up. At first glance it is apparent that they aren’t like “us.” They may talk a little louder than we are used to talking. They start talking and BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! your TMI (Too Much Information) alarm starts going off. They are talking about things that aren’t supposed to be talked about in front of everyone. Maybe it’s something from their past, or a current struggle. You know, they may tell you they have just recently got out of rehab. Their wife or husband recently left them. They recently found out they were pregnant. What about the incredibly awkward statement “I just love Jesus so much!”

We begin thinking…”WHO IS THIS PERSON?”

In my mind, that’s Jesus climbing into our boat. Sometimes we don’t ask for Him to show up. We don’t invite Him. He just kind of arrives. We get a little aggravated because it keeps us from scrubbing our nets. It keeps us from our routine.

These kind of visitors that “show up” in our lives appear everywhere. If you are honest you will admit you have a “sixth sense” that let’s you know when they are around. Sometimes I find myself trying to distance myself from them. But Jesus had a name for them. “The least of these” (Mt 25:40).

The Least of These

Don’t deceive yourselves. The least of these is not a term that should trigger a feeling of superiority. The least of these should trigger a motivation to serve your Lord and Savior.

How will you view “the least of these”? I choose to see Jesus climbing in my boat. I choose to love them. I choose to serve them. I choose to learn from them. If I don’t love them, serve them and learn from them who will? If I don’t love them, serve them and learn from them how can anyone else I know learn how?

When Jesus crawls in your boat…will you recognize Him?