This morning I was reading in Numbers 16. This is when Korah and his gang of friends challenge Moses. You can read the chapter here.

It seems to me there are a lot of things going on here that are difficult to explain.

At one point Moses doesn’t really ask God, but rather tells Him NOT to accept the rebels offerings.

Moses instructs Korah and his gang to show up at the tent of meeting. They meet as they have been instructed. A show down of sorts takes place. God, tells Moses to separate the people because He is going to take care of the rebels.  The ground opens up and swallows them, then closes up again. That’s not all though, the 250 men with the censors containing fire and incense are struck by a lightening bolt that incinerate them. The only thing left are the censors.(Which are later beaten out flat and used to cover the altar as a memorial to this rebellion).

Throughout this whole chapter I see Moses aggravation and anger with Korah. I see him ask for God’s compassion on those who have not sinned, but I also see Moses boldly asking for God to address the sinners who have rebelled.

I see God supporting Moses. Moses is God’s servant. I don’t see Scripture referring to Moses as “the leader.” Of course Moses is leading, but he is only leading people as he follows the instruction of God. Doesn’t that make God the leader?

Korah lost sight of why Moses was blessed. Korah seemed to have his own ideas about what was going on. He didn’t care to pay attention to what Moses had been blessed in by God. I seem to understand this as “calling.” It is clear in Scripture that Moses was given a “calling.” It wasn’t Moses who did some kind of parlor trick that hypnotized the Israelites into thinking he was their leader. No, there was far too much fruit that confirmed that he was God’s servant. Moses life confirmed that God had “called” him to serve God’s people.