Time, it’s something all of us are given and something none of us have an excess of. Some people live longer lives than others yet we all receive the same measure. That measure is elusive. So elusive in fact that most of us don’t conceive how “fairly” it is distributed.

We are all given the gift of the moment and how we spend our moment determines many of the circumstances of our next moment. These moments are kind of like pennies. Pennies aren’t look upon with very much value. I remember hurling them back and forth to aggravate friends when I was in high school. However, we all know that one-hundred of them make a dollar, so on and so forth.

Our moments go as quickly as they come. The question is…What are we doing with them?

Truth states that our moments are an investment in the outcome of eternity.

It is a matter of stewardship.

Every moment we have is on loan from God.

How are you investing your moments?

In whom are you investing your moments?

How does that affect your future?

How does that affect your eternity?