I don’t always spend a great deal of time reading the news. However, I do make it a point to stay up on what’s going on in our world. I feel like that is the best way to keep perspective that this world (including myself) needs Jesus.

The Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman story seems to be everywhere. Yeah, I heard what President Obama said about it….Geraldo too. I’ve even taken some time to read responses on twitter, Facebook and other places that people are able to weigh in their opinion about the current event. I even have my emotional opinion of it the end of this young man’s life.

George Zimmerman has basically been labeled (prejudged) a racist bigot.

Trayvon Martin has been labeled (prejudged) an innocent victim.

The Black Panther’s have responded. Louis Farrakhan has responded. Jesse Jackson has responded. Geraldo has responded. President Obama has responded. There have been students who have protested through school walkouts.

The more time goes by, we see the schism that is produced. Schisms politically. Schisms socially. Schisms culturally. Schisms racially.

These commentaries and responses on the case are emotionally charged. I think a case like this should stir our emotions. No human life should ever be extinguished without invoking an emotional response. No matter how evil, no matter how innocent. In both cases a human life that has been created in God’s image has been extinguished. However, are our emotional swayings really the thing that we should allow to dictate our response to this tragedy?

Hope is something that we heard a whole lot of four years ago. It wasn’t a new idea then and it’s not a new idea now.

Hope can’t be found in our unrestrained emotional responses. The action that George Zimmerman took agains Trayvon Martin proves that.

Hope can only come from checking our emotions in the light of truth.

The truth is that this problem that is dividing so many can only find hope in one place…the truth.

Division and retaliation presents no hope at all.

Hope can only be found when people are centered upon a common ground. Common ground cannot be found where people are demanding their own sense of fairness, response and judgement.

Hope in any situation can only be found when truth triumphs emotion and reaction.

Hope has been presented for humankind. That hope is Jesus Christ. The Way. The Truth. The Life.

There are many in this world that don’t believe in Christ that will laugh that answer of hope off.

What is sadder is that there are many that claim to believe in Christ as born again, or evangelical Christians that have never accepted him for being all three.

No one can accept Jesus as the hope that he is until we’ve never accepted Him for the personification of truth.

When that happens. Trayvon Martin becomes more than a life that was extinguished. George Zimmerman becomes more than the focus for our judgement. They both become humans that have value. They both become humans that are in need of the light of truth. They become precious, not pawns in a game of “causes.”

We were created to be so much more than pawns.

Jesus came to provide hope for humanity. He accomplished His mission.

He has recreated many men and women over the last two thousand years into His body.

His body is to be the messenger of truth. His body is made of those who have accepted Him on all three point…The Way. The Truth. They Life.

His body (the Church) is to be the messenger of hope. The vehicle of revealing justice, peace and salvation. The personification of Christ in this world is the Church. How will we respond to our world? What will Jesus do if we allow Him to live His resurrected life through us?