Saturday morning at 10am a group of about twenty close friends along with eleven classmates, their families and many of my instructors joined me in celebration of a milestone. I graduated.

I had anticipated that day for several years. (It took me twenty two years to finish my degree). It’s been a lot of work and I have taken every moment of it seriously. Many of my friends know that I entered Williamson Christian College three and a half years ago committed to completing my degree without going into debt. That wasn’t an idea of my own. I can truthfully say that God led me in this path. As of Saturday morning my final payment was made and I walked across the stage to receive a diploma that had been well studied for and it was paid for by God’s provision.

My first Monday evening after the fact…I sat on my carport listening to the pitter patter of the rain whispering in the background while I read excerpts of 1 John and Eugene Peterson and Donald Miller. 

Today I have a college degree. I graduated with honors. I was recognized with  The Biblical Association of Higher Education’s ΔΕΧ (Delta Epsilon Chi) award. All of these are accomplishments that I have worked very hard for.

Tonight I’m reminded that one thing remains. Time continues to travel at the speed of life. I sit in the same time and space as you and everyone else. We are all beginning a new chapter or writing a current chapter. I’m inspired by Donald Miller…I want to write a better story. Won’t you join me?