I have read many comments and watched the speech made by President Obama. I understand the context, of his speech and his political ideal.

My vocation is that of a preacher/pastor. I recently graduated from Williamson Christian College. During the four years I worked on completing my degree I worked full time as a retail manager, volunteered helping to build a foundation for men’s ministry and assisted in leading worship with the youth at Lakeshore Christian Church.

I graduated in May with ZERO COLLEGE DEBT. I tell you plainly, I didn’t do that, someone else made that happen.

I don’t want to go religious on this. That doesn’t mean I won’t address the Biblical aspect of the quote but I want to keep it real!

When I began college my wife and I decided that we would pursue it without accumulating debt. We were sure that is the direction God was leading us.

I signed up for school and refused to sign for college loans. The president of WCC, Stephen Higgins, met with me and agreed to go along with our conviction. I began class and began writing letters and explaining my conviction to other people in my life. Churches like Lakeshore Christian Church, Briar Ridge Christian Church, First Christian Church (Monticello, KY) and Glen Alice Christian Church responded with love, prayer and financial assistance. There were also individuals (that I will not name here) that voluntarily approached my wife and I to help pay for books, tuition, car repairs and even rent.

I finished college, debt free. I didn’t do that, somebody else was responsible for that. I simply played steward of what I was blessed with. It wasn’t reliant only upon my effort. My creativity, persistence, support from my family and my self discipline allowed me to finish college. Not just finish, but finish with honors.


There were many people responsible for helping me get to where I am. In my case I was blessed throughout  my pursuit by the graciousness of God being passed on by the generosity of His people.

No one distributed it, it was voluntarily given. It wasn’t programmed. It was heart felt.

None of us are “self-made.” Grace inspires us to bless others. Dreams inspire us to aid one another. Love inspires us to love others.

This can’t be programmed, it must be encouraged.