*This is all true.

Last Thursday morning I drove my car to Rockwood High School for the FCA meeting. I went out and started my car. I noticed what I thought was a “drag” or hesitation when the engine turned. I drove to the school attended the meeting and returned to my car. It wouldn’t start. My friend, Wes Ford, helped me try and “jump” the car off. It simply would not start…dead.

Wesley gave me a ride to Voice In The Wilderness Ministry that my friends Dennis and Sherry Powell. Dennis and I discussed the detail of the band Neely coming to do a concert in Rockwood. Dennis and I conversed over several subjects while I was there. One of the subjects was the subject of healing. I explained to Dennis that I certainly believed that God can and does heal people. I also explained that I was very skeptical of many “stories” I have been told of amazing “faith hearings.” Dennis sympathized with my skepticism. However, you must understand that Dennis is from a more “charismatic” background than I am.

My wife came to pick me up. I introduced Dennis and Debi to one another. I asked Dennis to lead us in prayer before we left. Dennis prayed for the upcoming Christian concert with Neely. He also prayed that my car would start or that the repair would be minimal. Debi and I left.

When we got to the car we pulled out our jumper cables. Before I hooked them up I told her I was going to try and start the car. It started right up. No hesitation. A very strong start. I immediately drove the car to the auto parts store. They tested the batter, the alternator and the starter. There were no problems with any of those components.

The car has continued to start all weekend, no problems, no hesitation.

Draw your own conclusions, but as I grow older (and hopefully more mature) I realize that coincidences are a three letter word.