This is a “reblog” from 2008.
Expect a follow up blog to follow on Wednesday.

Thanks to all my readers.

The Morning After

Last night Barrack Hussein Obama was elected the 44th President of  
The United States of America. Obama rallied much of the country  
behind his political campaign with vigor, stamina, and charisma which  
appealed to young and old, rich and poor, black and white.

The aftermath of this election will leave many Americans disappointed  
and others ecstatic for various reasons. There is no doubt a  
population of Americans that would NOT vote for Obama based on the  
color of his skin. There are others that ONLY voted for him BECAUSE  
of the color of his skin. Both of those are sad reasons to cast or  
not cast a vote for this man.

History unfolded and continues to unfold in front of our eyes in this  
election. No more can the “minorities” in the United States cry out  
that the “playing field” is not level. Mr. Obama has pulled a victory  
that many blacks, whites, indian, asian etc. people felt that they  
would never see in their lifetimes. It is truly a shame that Obama’s  
grandmother did not live another day to see this historic moment come  
to pass in this country. Today is the day that young Americans of  
EVERY race can KNOW that they too could one day be the ANYTHING they  
are willing to work towards.

The position of President will bring many complications to Obama’s  
life. There will no doubt be challenges in front of him that are to  
be overcome and battles that will have to be fought. Up to and not  
excluding hatred of the worst kind directed towards him. There may  
also be the thoughts, plots and attempts on his life that all  
Presidents face, because hatred knows no color.

Obama didn’t have my vote. I suppose I could dribble about why I  
think McCain was a better choice and I had to make a decision between  
the less of two evils but none of that matters this morning. There is  
no going back.

You know that whole nonsense about God creating the earth, a snake  
that talked to a woman in a garden, two people that ate fruit from  
the tree of knowledge of good and evil, Jesus being the Son of God,  
died and brought back to life, returning for us oneday….yeah I fell  
for the whole thing. I’m a Christian man. I understand that many of  
you that may read this will question my sanity and intelligence based  
on that, but that’s okay. I’m used to it. There will be no apology  
from me for being a Christian. I truly believe that Jesus is the  
Christ the Son of The Living God. And that leaves me in a pretty  
interesting predicament.

There is no doubt in my mind that God’s will was carried out in this  
election last night. And while I may not understand the plan that God  
has for the USA, I know that He maintains control with his infinite  
wisdom and has allowed this to come to pass for a reason. The  
Republican party nor the Democratic party, nor any other party can  
dethrone God. Now I know what some of you are thinking. “Mr.  
Christian thinks it’s the end of the world because what he thinks is  
the ‘antichrist’ has been elected.” That is absolutely NOT what I’m  
thinking. I’m not eating worms this morning, I’m not distraught, I’m  
at peace. And I’m left with a decision to make.

I have made the decision that I will not respond to Obama the way  
that many of you have responded to President Bush. I already know  
that I do not agree with Obama on many of the issues that were at the  
forefront of his campaign. That does not allow me to cast my support  
for him to swine. I vow to lift this man up in prayer because our  
country will need it and no matter who the leader is they will need  
our support.

President-elect Obama, my prayers are with you as you approach your  
inauguration. You will have my support even when you do not have my  
approval. I pray for your family. Your little girls whose laughter  
will fill the halls of the White House in just a few days. Prayers  
for your wife to support you and have a vision for the greater good  
of our country. I will plea with the Living God for your safety and  
guidance but most importantly I will pray for God’s will to be done  
through you. I hope you are up to it sir.