I spent the day contemplating the outcome of the election.

I was glad to see that the sun came up, water was still wet and my wife and family still loved me.
Of course there are consequences that will follow this election outcome.

I will continue to pray for President Obama and encourage you do so also.
Those prayers are for God to reveal Himself daily to the President and for God to surround President Obama with His servants so the President will have access to Godly wisdom, true love and Kingdom ethics.

I choose to see what the Millennial voice has stated in their support of President Obama. As a Christian it is perhaps the most important focus I can have. I have been commissioned to continue the mission of making disciples that will learn and obey all that Jesus taught.

For my friends who are dismayed…this is just a portion of eternity. As we enter the next phase of eternity, we probably won’t even remember these results.

Focus on your King and Master. Obey His directives and follow Him into the lives of those who are around us and are in just as much need Jesus the Savior as we are.

Develop a community of disciples that are following you as you follow Jesus and you will experience not only a better America, but a full and abundant life.

Looking forward to my next adventure clothed in Christ in increasingly difficult but no less desperate times than have ever been.

God bless America with obedient disciple makers.d