It’s December.

The emotion, stress, discouragement, intimidation and aggravation and fear is already building. 

Well meaning preachers, evangelical leaders and Christians will be urging all kinds of advice. One piece of that advice is to use a mandatory phrase.

Buttons will be purchased that have the message. You will be urged NOT to shop at businesses that do not use the phrase. 

Messages of gloom and doom will be heralded from all forms of media.

The phrase….”Merry Christmas”

For Christians, I also encourage the use of that phrase. However, let me offer an explanation for you to consider.

This year, enter the season with a healthy focus on reality…you ARE a minority if you are a Christian (translate disciple of Jesus Christ).

Don’t use the phrase as some kind of battle axe.

Don’t seek out the use of this phrase as some kind of litmus test.

Speak the words Merry Christmas with love and kindness. In fact, the love and kindness part of the message will be of greater impact than the phrase itself.

Use the phrase, “Merry Christmas,” intentionally…as a reminder to yourself that you are sharing with others.

This is a season that the phrase can remind you of the amazing hope that you received from the God that loved you enough to bring you back into relationship with Him.

This is the phrase that is most useless if it is volleyed into greetings for the sake of imposing it upon people. 

Simply put, if “Merry Christmas” isn’t a greeting spoken from your lips because of a transformed heart, recognize that you are simply grinding an axe, not sharing the Savior’s love.