I have the blahs…and I’m not the only one.

It’s not that I’m depressed, not really. I think I have mistaken the blahs for depression in the past.

I’m beginning to recognize it as a craving for Jesus, not Jesus wrap.

Let me explain.

Most, not all, of the people I follow on facebook, twitter, wordpress etc. are Christians.

There are times of an intense “blahness” that comes over me. I read all the Bible verses that are posted, the inspirational cartoons, the editorial cartoons, the “press like if you believe in Jesus” or “If you scroll past this Jesus will know it” crap. Yes, I said it…crap.

It’s not that I have a problem with Bible verses, thought provoking cartoons, or inspirational links to other blogs etc. Many of you know I post the same things.

However, I find myself avoiding posting those things at times because I crave something else…like actually setting across from someone that doesn’t see things the way I do or doesn’t believe in Jesus as the Son of God and just simply drink coffee or eat lunch with them.

I know I can’t consume every moment of my day doing those things. There is a reason for the church, it is the place we are supposed to meet people who encourage us and love on us when we get the blues.

The blahs are different, I’m beginning to recognize them as a conviction and a craving.

I sometimes think we have over propagandized our credibility into “press share on facebook if you care about kids that are starving to death in your neighborhood” rather than facing the reality that we should instead be making sure there isn’t a kid or a family that is actually starving in our neighborhood.

Plug in other thoughts…like wouldn’t it be cool to actually find a way to connect with someone that could see my true conviction for Jesus, not by the things I tweet or post, but by the way I love them like no one they have ever met…