…You are not alone.

Please understand that I am not stating a personal doubt in my view of or beleif in Jesus. You can struggle and still have healthy faith. In fact, that seems to be the state I am more frequently in than “at rest ” in my faith walk.

There is a good chance that many of you often find yourself alone. You have no doubt that Jesus is with you but there is still a sense of loneliness. You may feel pretty good while you are at church or in Sunday worship but it wears off quickly.

I am continuing to learn that there is more to church than scheduled services. I am finding my faith is stronger and firmer sense some folk that attend church with me have also decided to share life with me.

We get together regularly.

It may sound like I’m some kind of co-dependent whiner. If that is what you are thinking, it is clear that you don’t understand.

We were never meant to be the body of Christ alone.

You may have to make the first coffee or lunch date, you may have to make all of them.

Do it! And watch how often Jesus shows up in the conversations you have.

Take this step with people you attend church with. The ones that encourage you and make you feel alive.

You will find that obedience at following Jesus example (spending time with disciples) will close the gap on your loneliness and your struggles with doubt.

We were meant to be a fellowship of believers, not a fellowship hall full of believers.