Dr. Rick Chromey has began a series called A New Restoration: American Christianity in Decline. His thoughts are worth sharing with my readers.


decline-of-christianityThe American church is in trouble.  Do I  need to even cite the statistics or quote the sources?  I doubt it.  It’s common knowledge, both inside and outside the Church.  Every major denomination has faced the music.  It’s not 1995 anymore and clearly fewer are dancing.  The baby boomerang that launched the megachurch movement is no longer relevant.  Gen X, Millennials and the emerging iTech generation are staying away from church in droves.  Yes, there are some great things still happening and some American churches continue to grow, even rapidly.  But in general such churches are the exception, not the rule.

The reality is the majority of American churches are smaller (under 200 active members), and most of these are stagnant or dying.  Even the poster child of church growth–the megachurch–is on ecclesiastical pause.  Some are in outright decline.  Of those enjoying growth, far too many rely upon stolen…

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