Dr. Chromey’s series A New Restoration: Becoming the Yeast of These continues.


kneading-dough-007No one wants to tick off God.  That goes without saying.

And evidently you don’t want to get Jesus riled either.  Because when the Messiah’s hot under the holy collar he steams with righteous indignation, and the Pharisee fur really flies.  In the final days of his life on earth, Jesus clearly had had enough with religiosity.  His target:  the theological elite (Pharisees) and legal eagles (Sadducees) of his day.

Jesus starts with a suggestion:  obey what they say; just don’t do what they do (Matthew 23:3).  Why?  Well, Jesus was woefully underwhelmed by their religion.  A lot of history had passed beneath the bridge since God stamped a covenant with Abraham.  He personally delivered Commandments, designed a Tabernacle and opened a Temple.  God also liberated his people from Egypt, conquered a Promised Land, reluctantly crowned kings and protected Jews captive to foreign conquerors.

For twenty centuries God ordained prophets…

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