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Called ChurchI hate to be called out.  Nor do I prefer to call out somebody else.  Call upon me, fine.  Call me late for supper, okay.  Call me out, no.  I got called out when I was in trouble, like when I led a 2 a.m. practical joke at my church camp.  I thought it would be funny to turn every piece of furniture upside down in the chapel.  To my surprise, the dean found no humor in my nocturnal shenanigans and called me out for latrine duty.  Calling out can sometimes stink.

Occasionally a teacher has called me out for purposes of embarrassment.  You know the type.  They ate gravel for breakfast, hate the world and now sense it’s their divine mission on planet earth to ensure you are fully aware of your stupidity and the human tragedy you’re allowed to consume oxygen.  Calling out can sometimes shame.


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