Lakeshore Christian Church is the hospital for sinners that helped my family and I get the care and healing we needed. If it weren’t for being led to Lakeshore Christian, I’m not sure where I would be today. Probably divorced, and miserable.

While I was there I learned the value of Connecting, Growing and Serving. They aren’t the church that originated that process. Truth be known, they probably “stole” it from someone else.

Today, I spent the day with someone from our church. We went to visit some people from our church at the hospital. We visited for a few minutes with them, prayed with them and then he and I went to eat lunch.

During lunch we talked about life, about church, about life…oh yeah. Church and life are the same thing…that’s the point of this whole post.

Connecting to Christ and one another is one of the most refreshing and enjoyable parts of life as the church. It takes effort and a sacrifice of time but it pays for itself. It seems like Jesus always shows up there.

It’s absolutely too bad that so many people never risk trying to REALLY connect with people that sit in the pews at the building they go to on Sunday morning. Church is the people, if we are relying on staring at the back of one another’s heads, no wonder it’s boring.

My “church” life is far from boring. It seems there are more people awakening to how much life there is to enjoy with other people who are struggling WITH (not against) Jesus through life with others who are doing the same.

You should try it. Fellowship. If it’s missing from your “church,” then you don’t have a “church,” you have a weekly assembly.