“If you don’t learn to pray, if you don’t hear the Gospel and you don’t read the Scriptures, you can’t experience God.”—Eric Metaxas

There are many people that offer credit to God, yet they don’t spend any time getting to know Him. 

God is a concept that has been heavily embedded in the American culture. Yet, knowing God is something that is far less common.

Leaving things to chance is not the same thing as placing them in God’s hands. Placing your life in God’s hands requires faith, which requires communication and relationship with God. 

Have you taken moment to pause this morning, or afternoon, or evening to acquaint yourself with the Truth about God written in the Scriptures? 

Have you taken time to pause in prayer and express awe, wonder and resect to God the Father? 

Have you asked for His will, and searched the Scriptures so you can recognize it in your life and the life around you?

The truth is that spending time in the prayer, being overtaken by the Gospel message, reading the Scriptures and fellowship with other Christians is the only way to live in the light of God’s presence.

Paying lip service to God is not having a relationship with Him.