I’d like to echo Dr. Rick Chromey’s words about Plastic Religion.


plastic_JesusIt’s Resurrection Week 2013.  The Church should be in quiet reflection, worship and prayer.

Instead, religious social media is buzzing about the Supreme Court and gay marriage.  How could this happen?  The cultural mood has shifted.  Recent polling shows most Americans now favor gay marriage.  Twenty-five years such an idea seemed unthinkable.  Impossible.  Unbelievable.  It only continues to prove American Christianity is failing and losing moral traction within wider culture.

Frankly, I’m not surprised.  The American Church has been in retreat for fifty years.  Despite countless attempts for cultural-relevance, many formerly-churched USAmericans note the Amish and Mormon church (hardly bastions of cultural relevance) to be more attractive.  What happened?  Like Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live, the American church–particularly the evangelical conservative church–has been Tina Flayed.  We were serious but only found ourselves spoofed.

Think about it.  Since 1960, the Church has separated and segregated itself into a…

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