The fastest growing church in the world didn’t have technology, the best show in town, a building, etc. the Acts 2 church had disciples
~Jim Putman

For those of us in the vocational ministry we must contemplate this truth.

For those who are members of Jesus church they must also contemplate this truth.

There is no better plan for the church than for it to be made up of disciples who in turn are making other disciples. Disciples of Jesus, not preferred methods.

I am convinced that the “seeker” mentality that all of us have been impacted by emerged due to the lost value of being and creating other disciples of the dusty footed rabbi, who was the Son of the living God. His name IS Jesus.

When those of us who are in the vocational ministry recognize that we are serving among a group that have not, or refuse, to step into the life of discipleship, we must make plans to reach those that may decide to make that step.

The existence of a disciple is full of life, truth and following the way. It is vibrant. The life of discipleship brings meaning and value into the most “mundane” of situations or circumstances.