By now you have been totally overloaded with news feeds about the Boston Bombing.

I have a couple of things to say:

1. Posting phrases like, “I’m praying” or ” you are in my thoughts and prayers” is NOT praying. It’s a Facebook post. It may be pleasant, it may be posted with good intentions but IT IS NOT PRAYING. Prayer is when you pause with reverence to communicate your feelings, petitions, requests, joy or even broken heart to the Creator, Yahweh God.

2. Prayer is not just for catastrophes. If the only time you pray is when you recognize the world you live in is in a state of chaos, catastrophe or dismay, you are missing out on one of the best aspects of the relationship available to you, made possible by the blood of Jesus.

Tonight, I posted that my family and I would be downtown in Rockwood, TN at 8pm to pray for our country, our county, people and thank God for our freedoms. I wasn’t surprised that no else joined us.
I suppose that I could go on a rant about that, but that would be a diversion.

Rather, I recognize that it is extremely uncommon for such an invitation to be made in the small rural town I live in. 

With an incident like this there are no better things we can do than:

  • PRAY
  • Exercise our right to gather for prayer, support and encouragement

I have heard all about how that prayer isn’t allowed in school anymore. 

That our gun rights are going to be taken away.

The sky is falling…(I hope you get the point).

No matter where you live, take time to invite your community to join together FOR prayer. Not for the experience (although it will be a benefit itself). Just join together to do something beautiful as you pour your heart out to God in community.

That is exactly the thing that terrorism and heinous acts such as this are trying to inhibit. Send the message, WE WILL GATHER! WE WILL PRAY! WE WON’T BOW IN FEAR! WE WILL BOW TO GOD!