In 2006 my wife and I took Dave Ramsey’s, Financial Peace University, program through a church in Nashville. We began the process of making a budget, collecting information about our debts, organizing the information and pursuing it with “gazelle intensity.”

We paid off a pile of debt. We are living “virtually debt free.” We have some medical bills that we can’t seem to shake free, but we continue on. 

We don’t have a pile of cash but we do manage to save in spite of our low income.

We don’t live in luxurious accommodations.

We have never taken a cruise. 

However, we have just purchased a 2002 GMC Envoy with cash.

My point isn’t to flaunt or brag. My point is this: It works

In 2007 we sat in a classroom under the pressure of $150k in consumer debt. We were hoping that there would be a day when we didn’t feel so beat down and deep in a hole.

Today, we live without that debt and the only pressure we face is stewarding what God has provided us responsibly and working faithfully in the ministry as we have faith that He will provide for our needs.

We aren’t rich, in fact we stepped out on faith to purchase our vehicle. That means we’ll be eating peanut butter and crackers for a few weeks. We may splurge on deli sliced ham on a special night or two next month…but we’re “doing it.”

We appreciate all of the people who have blessed us through our continued ministry. There have been so many of you that have helped cheer us along.

2013 is going to be a tough year. We need your prayers and continued support. We love the adventure of ministry and count on God’s people to continue providing us the opportunity to equip them and share in evangelizing the areas of influence God has blessed us with.