Another blog…yeah I know. When’s the book coming our right?

This afternoon a friend of mine (whom I will leave nameless for his protection) and I had lunch together. We are both full time in the ministry. We both love what we do. We are both very tired of the religiosity of our vocational calling. We both love to talk and are repulsed by the things we say, because we want to be sure the things we say really line up with the Standard of Scripture and that we actually believe (act upon) the things we are saying.

I’ve been known to stop mid sentence and say, “what I just said is complete ‘bs,” if it were true I/we would actually be living as if it were true. (He knows who he is and he could so affirm this IF he chose to reveal himself).

After lunch I was driving home asking myself why I even waste my breath talking and don’t spend more time listening. Surely my friend is more wise than I am, I know what a fool I am, him, I’m not so sure he is one…lol

The thought I was hit with I think is worth sharing, because I’m not smart enough to come up with it on my own is this:

Sin no longer separates us from God. God separated us from sin.

That’s why Jesus is referred to as “Savior.”
I need to allow this to excite me and motivate me as much or more than anyone else I know. 

One day my pride will be cleansed from this body and I will fully have the mind of Christ. Until then these moments of clarity are inspiring until I start stroking my ego telling myself how smart I am.


I hope this was helpful.