I’m not spilling a lot of ink on this one.

Christians : Ask God to show you how to express and share love to the people who are in need at this time. (International Disaster Emergency Service I.D.E.S, Salvation Army or Red Cross)
Express your doubts and shaken faith while expressing your trust in our Father. Expressed doubt is always better than well intended foolishness and empty words of encouragement.

Non-Christians : I know the God who has prepared a place that has no tears, pain, or sickness. I am following Him because life is alive since I have found Him /He found me.

Everyone : pray that God will send His Spirit among us all to comfort and convict us of His glory through this. HINT : This will require His empowering the opening of our eyes.
You may try His Book,  His voice is always clearer through its power and clarity.

This will be better time spent than watching snakeoil sales persons claiming they are God’s chosen spokes person.

Expect results. (Don’t be surprised if you feel compelled to open hour wallet or break down in tears of conviction.)