I’ve continued my Frank Viola reading kick. Right now I’m reading “From Eternity To Here.” 
Viola is unveiling and connecting the dots on an overused and under appreciated or misunderstood phrase. That phrase…”the bride of Christ.”

Viola connects the dots from the beginning of Genesis to the end of Revelation on God’s eternal purpose and the churches role as the bride for His son.

Most captivating is Viola’s insistence and enlightening view of Jesus’ pursuit of the woman He relentlessly loves. 

Viola’s view sheds much brighter and vivid light onto the purpose, design and shadowy image of God’s object lesson…marriage.

I’m thankful to continue learning that the church is a living, breathing, beauty. An organism of vibrant life that is engaged in the love affair with Jesus. All of us, made alive in Christ, who have died with Christ are a member of this gorgeous body that Jesus will return and claim as His own.