These days I’m faced with a conflict in my thoughts and my understanding of what I believe.
I still believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God. I still believe that Jesus is God in flesh.

The conflict I’m having is this,  I don’t think a “list of steps” or as Donald Miller refers to it “a formula” is a very good way to understand Jesus, God or salvation.

As a preacher (most of you probably knew that) I have been against the idea of church being a “behavior modification” experiment. I believe that when we “see” God we are changed and our behavior begins to change when we see Him for who He is. Who the Bible reveals Him to be, not how we twist what it says to make him what we want Him to be.

However, I’m not ready to dismiss the idea that there is a proper way to express our faith through action. I’m not willing to think that we can define what we think expresses our faith to God. Especially when He has chronicled these responses so well in the New Testament. The responses that He seems most thrilled with are the responses of those that believe Him, not simply believe in Him.

The culture I live in is full of the latest Christian best seller. Lots of them are leadership books that speak of methods, steps and or techniques have come to bore me. I read them, mostly to see what God has done through other Christians to draw attention to God as a force of love and mercy that wants to restore them.

I take that a step further. I actually believe that he “recreates” us. That we become something new. Something different than we were before we decided to believe Him and what He has said He is doing to us.

My approach has became a “come and see” approach. 

Come see…

How God has changed some of us.

What God has used us to do.

What we are willing to give up in order to rely upon Him.

What He can do to and through you when you are with those He is changing.

What He is doing through the organism He has named His body.