July 25, 2013 I opened my CIY Kingdom Challenge Card.

“Drink nothing but tap water (no bottled water) for a year, and support Active Water by sending them $20 every month for a year. Go to to get started.”

I immediately began the challenge WITH RESERVATIONS. For instance, What about coffee? Surely I couldn’t disrupt the beginning of my day by giving up coffee. I mean, I’m a busy guy and coffee is really important…. I began praying about it. I mean we all know that a little prayer helps us clear away the cloudy emotional thoughts…right? Um, NO.  It was clear that I was being led into this as discipline more than an “neat” challenge.  I knew, in my knower, that it was tap water ONLY for one complete year. I have no doubt that God confirmed this through prayer.

I began to read about this cause that I had been led to take on. You are probably like I am. When you think of “aiding” another country, Africa comes to mind. However, I discovered that Asia is in dire need of water wells. They get very little attention because the needs of Africa are well advertised. I discovered that building a well requires more than a drill. It requires education and lots of hard, even dangerous work.

Everything in other parts of the world aren’t like they are here. If you want a well here, you hire a driller and voila, minus some aggravating limestone you get water, fairly quickly. However, in Asia there is the need to search for active land mines in the area. Imagine that for just a moment. Drilling a well could kill you, or your kid, or your husband, or your wife! Not to mention that just walking around in Cambodia could result in an explosion! This troubled me.

I began asking God what he would have me do. Was drinking tap water for a year and sending $20 a month really all I had been led to. Prayer revealed the answer…NO. It was clear that God was asking me to follow Him deeper into this…and invite others to follow with me.

After some research I discovered that $4000 can build a well in Asia. It was clear that I was to pursue the goal of $4000. But how? I decided that the fund raising would be all I requested for my birthday on December 12, 2013. (I never ask for birthday gifts!)

I began my fundraiser on August 13. I’m beginning my third week in this today. So far my friends and acquaintances have partnered to sponsor Team Psalm 112 Men for a total of $970. It has been great seeing God bless what I am sure He has invited me to follow Him into. This week, it seems that we will break the $1000 mark.

Over the next several weeks, leading up to December 12, I will have “Active Water Wednesday” posts to inform you of what I have learned during this challenge. I will also be inviting you to help us achieve this $4000 goal. There will also be information about how youcan join Team Psalm 112 Men to help achieve this goal…TOGETHER!

Pray about this cause. Take a look at my fund raising page. Everything goes straight to and through Active Water. It is all tax deductible  there is information about accountability and other ways you can get involved.