On July 25th, 2013, I accepted the challenge to drink only tap water for one year and support Active Water by contributing $20 per month to the cause. Since that day I have faithfully met that challenge. I never thought that what seemed like a somewhat mundane challenge would end up teaching me so much, and I’m just a little over 30 days into it.

While researching the shortage of clean water and the difficulties that accompany this need I felt God was prompting me to follow Him into another goal. (After all, this is about loving people! Not just meeting a goal or a challenge. The goal and challenge just help make it fun.) Raise $4000 for a well to be built in Asia. On August 13th, I began created Team Psalm 112 Men Ministry for the Asian well project. On August 31st God had placed it upon enough people’s heart to contribute that we broke the $1000 mark of the $4000 goal! Truly, it can be said, Glory to God!

There is still $3000 to raise for this $4000 goal.

Another Answer To Prayer

Last night (Sept 3) I received an email. A husband and wife, who wishes to remain anonymous, have committed to helping reach this $4000 goal. They are willing to match future contributions dollar for dollar up to sum of $1500. That is precisely enough for this $4000 goal to be reached.

How You Can Help

  1. Make a contribution to this project. Any contribution that is made will be matched. $1 is really $2. $10 becomes $20 just because of generosity! You get the picture. REMEMBER, you can pledge $120 and it can be deducted from your bank account via debit at $10 per month.
  2. Join Team Psalm 112 Men’s Ministry. I am compelled to invite people to join the Psalm 112 team. All of  us have a circle of influence. I can’t explain the exhilaration and humility that is felt when you see people that you barely know, or in some cases do not know at all, contributing to a cause that you followed into by faith. This goal will not be met unless people are generous and steward their resources well. One resource is money, another is influence. Contact me via Facebook, Twitter or comment here if you want more information about joining the Active Water, Team Psalm 112 Men’s Ministry. (No! You don’t have to be a man to join!)
  3. Accept a tap water only challenge. Active water has a two week challenge tabulation form that will allow you to experience this adventure AND contribute. Depending on your drinking habits, you could save and contribute of $100 or more. You can find this form HERE*REMEMBER, IN ORDER TO GET THE MATCHING GIFT YOU MUST CONTRIBUTE THROUGH TO TEAM PSALM 112 MEN’S MINISTRY!*
  4. Other Ways You Can Help. Perhaps your Sunday school class or small group can take up a collection or even accept the two week challenge? Do you have a birthday coming up? Do what I did, make a goal and request that gifts be offered in the form of a contribution to Active Water. With a little creativity, we can cross the finish line together in this goal!Please continue to pray for generosity from God’s people. We are part of the most wealthy country in the world, we can all do something!

Tim Ogle
Team Captain of Psalm 112 Men’s Ministry