Ministry is about PEOPLE!

Yesterday I posted the great news about the Active Water campaign. There is a donor willing to match the next $1500 in donations. 

As I wrote that post, I have to say, I am pretty inspired by this contributors commitment to this cause. My focus became very heavily distracted and focused on “money.”

It is very easy for any of us to get focused on goals we are trying to reach. It happens all the time. Often churches are planted with the commitment to reaching the lost. A core group of people begin reaching out to others, spending time with them and inviting them to join the new church community they have planted. People are working on the meeting facility, unpacking, setting up, repacking. All this activity allows this core of people that is growing to spend time with one another. A few months go by and transformation begins to be seen in the community. The church planter, who was previously accessible, begins to miss set up because he is busy somewhere else. The core group of people have became facilitators of constructing the weekend set, new people have began to fill the meeting area. The message, which had previously been about going and reaching people, becomes about asking people to come to church. People come, stick around and then don’t seem to come back. 

The focus has switched from PEOPLE to focusing on the task.

As I follow Jesus into this strange, uncomfortable territory of fund raising, He continues to teach me.

The Active Water well project is about people. People who are afflicted and poor. The project is not about a goal. The project is about people receiving love, hope and skills so they can become a blessing to others, who in turn will make others into people that bless others.

Jesus has led me into an adventure He is teaching me through. This is part of the discipleship training He has instructed me to follow Him into as He continues to transform me into His image. The task He has assigned requires me to ask other people to follow me as I follow Him into it. 

There is an anonymous donor that has followed what Jesus has asked him to do. This requires him (and his wife) and I to reach out to others and invite them to follow with us as Jesus teaches the lesson He has for all of us who participate.

It’s not about a “goal” or about “money” it’s about us learning together from the Great Rabbi teacher. 

Will you follow Him into this as we see what he can do with a few dollars? There are people who can’t imagine a day when they drink cool, clean water. Urine and feces free water. All the while learning about the generosity of God’s people, most you whom they will NEVER know in this portion of eternity.

Do you “KNOW that God will maintain the cause of the afflicted, and justice for the poor”?

Do you hear Him inviting you to be the agent He will maintain that cause and justice?

There are 884 million people with the problem of contaminated water as their only source.

Your donation can make a difference in PEOPLE Jesus loves dearly.

Make a donation, join the team and join me as Jesus teaches me the connection between money and blessing people.

Active Water: Team Psalm 112 Men’s Ministry