#ActiveWater Wednesday:

The days are turning into weeks and December 12th deadline for the $4000 goal to build a well in Asia is quickly approaching. 

Today, you have an opportunity to make a small change in your life that will make a big difference.

It is estimated that 4000 children die each day due to unsafe drinking water.

What can you do? Donate to Active Water, where you dollars save lives.

My appeal for this well project has been to my Christian friends. Each appeal has been healthily grounded in the Biblical principles of living a life of gratitude to Jesus and what He has stated is his will in the Christian life.

We are not our own, we were bought with a price and our lives are to become more and more like Jesus as we follow Him deeper into the new life as a disciple.

Will you follow Jesus into the teaching in Matthew 25:31-46? Our Master states that giving a drink of water to the “least of these” is giving a drink of water to Him. Of course this passage isn’t JUST about water, but in the case of this Asian well project it applies literally.

Your gift can handled monthly, or you can give a one time gift.

Who will follow the Master into obedience?

Active Water: Team Psalm 112 Men