The government is in a partial shutdown.
I have avoided Facebook and Twitter this week. I have kept up with the news through various internet sources.

Mixing politics and religion is usually ends up in what is called eisegesis of the Bible and/or the Constitution. That being, people drawing what they want either or both to say out instead of focusing on what the body of documents actually say. It happens in Washington D.C and it happens in churches around the country.

So this is what I have learned.
When we as citizens disengage from the political process of our republic and democratic expression our government becomes a curse. It becomes a tool for people to posture over other people. It becomes a form of “clergy” that treats those it serves as if the government is something they simply can’t understand or be responsible for.

Look at what is happening. The monuments that mark “we the people’s” triumphs, struggles, tragedies and heritage have been held over us. They have been taken hostage. Our government is not there to keep us from these things or really anything, but to protect us from tyranny and from losing our heritage.

We the people are responsible for following the great ideal of the free republic of which the flag is an emblem.  The government is responsible for protecting from destructive forces. If government is not made of the people, it is against, in opposition and oppressive to the people.

U.S. citizens must take responsibility as citizens. It must begin with an individual decision to support the republic, not seek a republic that is supposed to support our whims.


Now, that’s out of the way, the real message is to follow.

The church is in a similar situation. However, the church is NOT a democracy or a republic. The church is a THEOCRACY. 

In that theocracy God has gifted us with the power of Holy Spirit to guide us and empower us to follow Jesus into the people’s lives and places his teachings will place us. Those teachings are there to ensure we experience Christ with the protection and guidance required to keep the church pure and focused upon the center of Christianity…JESUS CHRIST.

There are those of us who are Christians that are also citizens of the United States. Our first priority must be ensuring that we have followed our King into being the church, not assuming that our current structure is what He intended.

That includes us acknowledging that “clergy” are nothing more (and not less) than servants of Christ exercising their giftedness in the church for the church. They are not a special class of people that can’t be measured up to or relied upon to do the work that Christ has prepared for us, in advance to do. Placing our trust in committees (teams), pastoral or other church leadership that aren’t composed of devoted Christ followers puts us in the same position in the church as we as citizens are in the United States. 

If you are a member of the Church Jesus instituted, take a lesson from our current political breakdown/shutdown. 
Be active, exercise your gifts in the local body. Failure to do so will result in a church that is not Jesus’ and a church that is sick, off track and fatal to the very thing it CLAIMS to be protecting.

The U.S government is to be by the people, for the people and of the people.


The Church of Jesus Christ is to be by the power of Holy Spirit for the exultation of Jesus Christ and the building up of His body.