In this life, there will be trouble.

None of us have a desire for a trouble filled.

The natural desires that we have can lead us to experiences of pleasure, but the natural desires we have do not provide any protection from pain.

Following Jesus doesn’t create a “trouble free” life. But the troubles experienced while following Jesus continually open our eyes to the true state of the world we live in.

The troubles experienced when we are making it up as we go along lead to deep pain.
The reason? We are following our own broken compass.

Following Jesus is getting behind the very being that designed us and created the world we live in.
He leads us in a life that certainly has troubles, but he leads us through them as opposed to leading us to them.

Jesus came so that we may have life to the full.

Without Him, we are unable to navigate through this fallen world without causing more harm to ourself and others.

Why follow Jesus?
How is life when you do it your way?