This letter is a response to President Obama removing the phrase, “under God,” while reciting the Gettysburg Address.

Here is a link if you need more information.


Mr. President,
Editing history is unacceptable!

Perhaps there are things we disagree with that have occurred in history, but removing those things erases the context that has led to the present.

A communal awareness and acknowledgement of God has been foundational in this country from the beginning.

That may have changed in the present, but erasing it from the past in our present situation will not remove that truth from being foundational in the rise of the United States of America.

I respect the men and women who have lived before me.

The world without Hitler could arguably been a better world. However, removing him from the annals of history is unacceptable.

You have disrespected my heritage, your heritage. Our heritage!

You have punched in the eye the heritage of the very country that made it possible for you to become president.

The dreams of your father are not the dreams of our fathers. They are certainly not the dreams of THIS father for my children or my grandchildren.

I do not have the luxury of placing a demand upon you for an apology. But any man of integrity guilty of such an atrocity would certainly be willing to offer one.

Our country has always been transforming. Through the words of men. Those men have always been able to speak plainly and in the light.

If a man is Muslim, let him speak as a Muslim. If he is Christian, let him speak as a Christian. If he is an atheist, let him speak as an atheist. If a man is an agnostic, let him speak as an agnostic.

If a man is a liar and a coward may he be seen for what he is.

May the God of Isaac, Abraham and Jacob demonstrate mercy and humble you with His mighty hand before it is too late for you, your family or our country.

In all due respect and sincerity,
Tim Ogle