In July I believed the Holy Spirit was leading me into the challenge of raising $4000 to help provide clean water for Cambodia.

Some of you have joined me in this adventure and that is why we are very close to achieving the $4000 goal.

However, in the past few weeks there have been some very intense natural disasters in our world.

The typhoon in the Philippines was a top story for several days. We have been privy to the aftermath and destruction that was caused by these storms. Just yesterday I saw a news story about several babies that had been born in that region, any of them have died. The body count will continue to rise as the rubble is cleaned up. There will be mothers and fathers that face the reality that their sons and daughters are no more. There will be sons and daughters that realize that their parents will never be found.

Then this past weekend we saw the destruction left behind by tornados that tore through the Northeast. This is not a new experience for us. We, as a country, have experienced several devastating natural disasters.

Then, there are things like people living in poor and undeveloped countries. They experience natural disasters also. However, they live in situations where all they have ever known is poverty, poor drinking water and famines. It seems that in a world where bad things happen that we see incidences that make things worse.

These are all opportunities for us to be obedient to Jesus.

To follow him.

To demonstrate compassion, not talk about the idea of compassion, or love or relief.

The question is, are we following?

The only question you are responsible for answering is, “Am I following?”

Why? Because that’s the way Jesus does it. He shows people what great good He can do through the obedient servant.

If there is no example of service, then there is only a theory that service or obedience may work.

What do you need to follow Jesus into? Perhaps using what little you think you have could be the door that Jesus uses to show you what great goodness He will do through you.