Saturday negotiations for humanitarian causes and world stability resulted in sanctions being lifted from Iran.

Now I’m not a huge politically minded voice. I do, however, recognize that I am a citizen of a country and in and of itself means  politics apply and affect me.

I am concerned because the talks that occurred for sanctions to be lifted did not include negotiating the release of a United States prisoner from Iranian prison.

Pastor Saeed is in a brutal Iranian prison known for brutality and prisoners “disappearing.”

Why am I concerned? It is another example of how human rights are viewed by what agenda they are associated.

If this man were an atheist, I would be equally appalled that our government leaders did not intercede on his behalf. However, I do not see people who are opposed to religion, or even indifferent to religion concerned about this issue at all.

Christianity is about loving God and your neighbor. Even if he is an atheist, drug dealer, child molester, democrat, republican, Muslim, HIndu, Mormon…I think you get the picture.

When will human life really be valued?

I’ll give you a hit, it starts in the heart that belong to the fingers or voice that helped “click” here.

May God soften the hearts of us all to value the precious life which each of us has been gifted.

And for those of us who are Christian, “Jesus, break our hearts for what breaks yours.”