Controversy is nothing new in this world or our country. In fact, there is a part of most Americans that thrive on controversy. Why? Because it takes very little action. All you have to do anymore is click the “like” button, favorite or retweet whatever the controversy is. It takes no courage to enter the controversy. The emotions begin to rise and then you have a Facebook blow up. 

“Freedom of speech,” some yell. Others, “Tolerance!” It really comes down to who is screaming the loudest, is the most persistent, passionate or even down right rude. 

Have you ever heard that expression “talk is cheap?”

Phil Robertson put his money where his mouth is. Many of us know how to talk, but very seldom do we really put anything on the line.

Do you really want to see God glorified through any of this? Or do you just want to rant your personal opinion loudly while forgetting that our response (as Follower of Jesus) can damage people.

I believe that Phil Robertson voiced his convictions appropriately and in the right publication.  GQ has always printed quotes and content that are of adult nature. The outcry for this particular incident is not because of the nature of the comment. The outcry for this particular incident is an attempt to shut people up. 

So let me tell you how to voice your convictions, as someone that doesn’t have to put millions on the line.

Love your neighbor. The gay ones, straight ones, the poor ones, the rich ones.
Meet them at the mailbox and talk about the weather. Invite them over for a burger or a movie night…even a Bible study home group. (Not a boring one where there is no life!)

Let them see what life in Christ looks like. Love them in Christ. 

Support Phil Robertson, by SERVING the same King, JESUS, by following Jesus into proclaiming the gospel through word and deed to your neighbor. Don’t shout at people, let the craveable love of Christ in you do the shouting. (Thank you Artie Davis)

Honoring Christ is the best way to support Phil. That is exactly what he was striving to do.