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The Pondering Preacher

fergusonWe thought we were beyond this.

We were supposed to be more civilized; more enlightened.  Race riots were supposed to be one of history’s artifacts, tucked away in the attic of time right between steam engines and leisure suits.  We thought we had buried the past.

We were wrong.

The events in Ferguson, MO over the last two weeks have jolted the conscience of America.  A teenager is dead, and that is tragic.  His family grieves, and that is heartbreaking.  His community burns, and that is regrettable.  There are several lessons that the events in Ferguson teach us, and we would do well to take heed.

  1. Humanity is Broken- No matter what side of the racial spectrum you fall on there is one fact that is inescapable: humans are broken.  Regardless which version of events you choose to believe, the death of Michael Brown was the direct result of human…

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