I have read Designed To Lead. Becoming a Follower carries with it the responsibility of being a leader. These are my thoughts on the work they have done to write Designed To Lead.

Designed To Lead addresses one of the most overlooked and malnourished aspects of Christianity. Leadership and leadership development. We have far too long allowed titles to be what determines what or who a leader is. Eric Geiger and Kevin Peck have done the Scriptural research to present a book that is founded on the truths of Scripture regarding leadership rather than grind an opinion strung together with proof texts.

Geiger and Peck don’t just grind away at “what’s wrong with the church” either. They offer practical input and guidance into ways to approach leadership development instead of leaving it as a problem “you must deal with on your own.”

The research they provide, illustrations for their points and recommendations to get started in making leaders will refresh you.

I am thankful for another book from Geiger that offers real insight rather than trying to sell a “magic bullet.”

You can purchase a copy of Designed To Lead HERE.