The day is done and I’m pausongnin wonder for the God who is also Jesus. 

So much happens in and day and I’m never alone, even if I’m not mindful of The One that sticks closer than a brother. 

I’m in awe of the masterpiece called church. Im in awe of the New Maker. 

I’m sure Jesus is committed to using me, even as I sleep in Hos grace. 

He is the one committed to completing the work He began in me. 

It’s this Godman I follow. It’s this Hodman who leads me. It’s this Godman I want to introduce others to surrender in. 

Brothers and sisters, live in awe. Do not fear. Do not be tempted to defend Him. He has you in His hand, not the other way around. 

He is not interested in residing in your heart. He is only willing to take the seat in the throne of your heart.