Over the past 4 weeks we have witnessed hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and flooding wreak havoc in this world. Those were just the natural disasters. There is also war, oppression, injustice, and the clash of ideologies that leave the marginalized as “collateral damage,” while gunshots and shouting echoing through the streets of this world. Those are the things happening in our streets. This doesn’t even include the broken relationships, conflict and brokenness occurring inside the houses that line our streets. Nothing seems to be going right. All of these happenings leaves a person wondering…”What is the world is going on? Where are you God?”
Enter a prophet named Habakkuk. He witnessed similar events and asked God the same question. “Where are you? Why are you silent? Why won’t you answer me? Don’t you see all of the terrible stuff going on in our world?”
God then puts Habakkuk on notice. “Watch what I’m doing and be amazed! I’m doing something right now, in your day that will amaze you so much that you wouldn’t believe if it, even if I told you exactly what it is.” This plan wasn’t only astonishing, it was confusing.
God then revealed a perplexing bit of information. There was this terrible Chaldean army which was pillaging the land. They were mean dudes. Everyone was in fear of these people. God articulates how terrible the Chaldeans are. The Chaldeans were intoxicated on their own evil and power. So much so that they treated people like useless grains of sand.
Habakkuk had a really hard time understanding how this “good” God could be doing any of this. How could this God allow such heinous people to dominate and oppress people with such evil and violence? Habakkuk seems deflated and confused but he makes the decision to step into a position of observing what God is going to do.
God then responds telling Habakkuk to write down what is going to happen in large letters, so big that people can see the message from a distance as it approaches. He says, “What I’m doing will happen at the exactly right time. The answer is true and it is coming.  I love this line: “Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay” (Habakkuk 3:2).
God has revealed Himself as one that does not allow evil to go unchecked. When we feel things are out of control and He is silent He has revealed that His sovereignty is at work behind the ugliest of schemes of evil man becomes involved in.
God’s story in Habakkuk’s life is an affirmation of God’s continued faithfulness to work good in this world, even when our circumstances are confusing and overwhelming.
When we begin thinking God has forgotten us, He is absent or He is silent Habakkuk is used to remind us to “Wait for it!” Because this God will be on time, every time with what we need at just the moment we need it. Those, brothers and sisters, are words for living!