The Day’s Closing Thoughts:

I’m consumed by it. It seems every time I turn around I’m drowning in it again. I can’t escape it. I can’t run from it. Every time I think it has left me it shows up again.

I fight against it. I try my hardest. I try to muster my strength and every time it returns to consume me. Every part of me. It reminds me that it is more powerful than my will.

It seems I don’t have a chance of shaking it. I run from it, it catches me.

It has the greatest power I’ve ever known. It is relentless.

“IT” is grace. Grace has broken the power of sin, every sin I am tempted and trip into.

And grace…it is sufficient for me. No matter my struggle. No matter your struggle.

It has a rhythm that is hypnotic and restful. It is all consuming and it continually works to erode away the parts of me that are dead and replace those lifeless parts with the resurrected life of Jesus Christ. Jesus alive in me!