Today I was reflecting on the account of Jesus’ “Triumphant Entry.” You may find these accounts here:


Matthew 21:1-11

Mark 11:1-11

Luke 19:28-44

John 12:9-19

Matthew 21:6 (NLT): The two disciples did as Jesus commanded.

These two disciples simply did what Jesus commanded. The Scriptures document that they had no real understanding of what Jesus was getting ready to do, but they WERE part of the greatest event in eternity.

When we do as Jesus commands, we are part of a story we don’t fully see and we are partners with Jesus as He accomplishes His mission to save the world.

Faith is trusting Jesus, even when we don’t see the whole picture or understand exactly what He is doing.

I want to be part of HIStory!

What command(s) have you been disobedient to following?

You can correct that today, He will do the rest…