Exodus 33:16 (NLT): For your presence among us sets your people and me apart from all other people on the earth.”

Moses longed for the days we live in.

We are wowed with God’s face to face presence and mighty acts recorded in days of old.

Moses longed for the day God’s presence was promised to forever dwell in His people.

Moses knew it was God’s presence that set His people apart from the world.

Anything else is as lifeless as a marionette puppet. It dance. It may appear to have life but it is only a lifeless misrepresentation.

Just because a speech is moving, a song brings goosebumps or it makes you feel good doesn’t mean God is present.

Signs and wonders do not happen without God’s presence.

Miracles do not happen without God’s presence.

New life salvation does not happen without God’s Indwelling presence.

We can be successful in a moment and disobedient for a lifetime.

We desire (Covet) too many experiences Moses experienced and ignore his longing for more.

I accept by faith that God’s gift of Holy Spirit is present even when my feelings aren’t “feeling” His presence.

Do you demand an experience or cherish His promised and truthful presence?

He has blessed those who follow in faith with His overwhelming presence.

After all, His presence is what sets us apart from the world.

It’s His presence that makes the dead effort come to life.