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I don’t enjoy trivia. I especially don’t enjoy “Bible Trivia.”

I’m talking about answers to questions like, “How many times did God call out to young Samuel in the night as he was lying down in the house of the Lord?” Was it four times, three times, once or twenty times?

My question is, “What’s the point?” In fact, I believe, “What is the point?” is a much better question.

The point is…God has consistently interacted with people and the failures of the humans that He created in His image.

Hebrews 11 is frequently called the “Faith Hall of Fame.” I agree. However, it is also a glimpse of God’s continued commitment to redeem and cover the sin His human creation.

So let’s go back to the beginning.

Genesis chapter 1- chapter 3 lays the foundation of the amazing revelation that follows in the remaining pages of The Bible. There is a far grander point than knowing trivial answers to “what day did God create the duckbilled platypus?” (Right now someone is saying, “Wow! What day did he create that?” If your mouth is already salivating, it’s proof you are a “church person.”

If we are more obsessed with knowing answers ABOUT how the heavens and the earth came into existence rather than coming to KNOW this creator we are missing the point. God wants us to KNOW HIM, not facts, Scripture references and tons of detailed trivia about the Bible.

If we are more fixated on knowing the meta narrative than looking what the meta narrative reveals we will miss God. Ironically He chooses the meta narrative to reveal His character NOT just facts about Himself. Don’t miss THE POINT!

That’s the reason we fixate on the fall of man in Genesis 3 instead of seeing the revelation of the God that created mankind. This mankind who fell and continually fails to project the glory we are created to reveal to the world.

Genesis 3 reveals facts about our fallen nature but more reveals the amazing character of our Creator.

After the fall, after the faults of Adam and Eve’s choice to listen to the tempter instead of lean into to the relationship the Creator God provided we get caught in the curse. The point of Genesis 3 is to reveal how the Creator and Just Deity of God the Father will annihilate the curse and bring us back into a restored relationship.

Who does He address first after “The Fall”?

The tempter, that devil, that serpent that is committed to the pleasure he finds in destroying the relationship our Creator provided.

This can’t be over stressed.

God has revealed His commitment to cover our sins through the a glory of Jesus, the promised one (Christ). Genesis 3:15.

The one who crushes the head of the serpent through the very creation the deceiver deceived.

There is NOTHING trivial about the Revelation of God preserved in the Holy Bible or the Testament of His interaction, grace, glory, justice and love recorded therein.

I don’t believe in a God bound by trivia! I believe in the Holy God revealed through the Bible. His character, His fierce love. His fierce Justice and His overwhelmingly violent, relentless and reckless love as embodied in the only begotten son Jesus.

He “supped” with sinners, drunkards, prostitutes, cheats and pridefully outspoken sinners that were consumed by His love. This love changed them into selfless servants who submitted their self preservation to advance Jesus’ name, reputation and divine plan to reconcile and redeem all that would get the point!